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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Last Blog Of 2013...(Unless I'm Emotional And Drunk Before Midnight)

Hello you beautiful one staring at the screen..

This is my last entry of 2013-unless I get drunk and emotional before midnight (high probability)

We had my Mum's cousin, M, pop in. She lives in Machester and grew up with Mum in Glasgow and owns one of the top Irish dancing schools in the world. She is hilarious, eccentric and dramatic, we love her. And she loves Mum-she turned up on Mum's doorstep last year after going through a rather colorful event in her marriage and stayed with Mum for months. M has never forgotten my mother's unending kindness.

We discussed family secrets, family stories that were never meant to be told and tales of our large sprawling Irish family.
The spontaneity is not usually welcomed by Mum these days,but I'm glad M ignored it and came anyway. Mum needed it.

My Aunt and Uncle will be coming over soon for drinks and parlor games (they're in the 70's) and my brother is calling at midnight our time from LA.

This year has been a life shattering one as I discussed in my previous scribblings. Many dreams have come true (The Emmy's, shooting the pilots) and nightmares have become a reality (the reason I am writing this blog) 

I want to say a massive THANK YOU to you reading this. By you reading these words, leaving me comments, sending me notes, I have a reason to get up; something to look forward to and to write. 
Please continue to follow me on this journey, I promise it will not be boring (!)

I never lose faith,I truly mean that. Please understand that that declaration is rooted in astonishment and utterly void of arrogance. This is perhaps because I think I may be mad with delusions, but good things will happen next year; I will cope with the nightmares and live the dream.


  1. What you're doing is one of the hardest things I can imagine. It's also one of the most necessary: you'd never forgive yourself if you didn't. Know that wishes aren't delusions and that what sometimes seems surreal or even fantastical is often truer than what's in front of your eyes. I shall keep reading and following with interest and wonder. Andy

    1. Andy,
      Thank you so much for taking to the time to read and to leave your beautiful comment, it really does mean a lot, and please keep following this little journey or mine x

  2. You have some story to tell but you tell it from the heart & with some humour. Both of equal importance considering what you & your mum are going through. Hard to empathise with what you're going through but will read & offer occasional support, usually along lines of "what a great cat" or "my God, YOU got a tweet from Ricky Gervais - can i have your autograph!?"

    1. Ha Steve, thank you so much! Please do keep many pics of cats to come 😉 x


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