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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Good Morning...Here's A Cat On A Cupboard

Good morning birdies. I think I slept over 8 hours last night-the first time in a while. 

Gone are the days of sleeping in in my queen bed waking up to Pete The Squirrel on the palm tree outside my window in LA...for now. 
I miss my bed,my house,my cat,my car and LA. But no point in dwelling, I'm here and doing what I should be doing.

I think the radiation is taking it's toll as I could barely get Mum out of bed this morning she was so tired, so I told her to sleep as I made her breakfast in bed.

When I speak with my darling friends here and in the states, I can't tell them everything about the situation, just basics of our day to day life. 
Things people forget or simply don't think about while caring for a family member is how hard it is to get daily tasks achieved. 

Just having a shower can be a mission. Firstly, I need to make sure Mum is dressed for the day and back downstairs, comfy and got everything she needs while I'm upstairs showering and getting ready. The thing is, I'm worried when I'm upstairs in case she needs me so I keep the bathroom door open and keep an ear open,scared in case I miss something. 

It's exhausting and worrying and I never want Mum to feel she is a burden on me, so I try not to be a complete spoiled brat and moan that I don't have enough time to moisturize.  But, dear reader, I feel the guilt when all I want to do is have a long, hot shower and spend as much time as I'd like exfoliating and moisturizing doing my hair and makeup; remember I'm still only 29...and human.

As my mother's house seems to be a haven for every cat in a 5 mile radius; a regular named Beanie (orange and white, fat, bully to other cats) slips into the house every now and then, and this morning I found him on top of the cupboard, next to the wok, head firmly tucked under the ceiling...

I think he may be losing his mind...join the club mate.

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