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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Phone Call With My Brother

My brother just phoned from LA to check in on Mum and let us know how his move is going.

He lived right around the corner from me in LA which was great, I saw him more, plus when either of us were away we could pop over to look after each other's cats. My brother rescued a cat a few years ago-no idea of its sex, but he named it Sidney. To say she is on the large side is an understatement...if you're ready to fall in love and see the fattest cat  in the we go...

We have tried everything to get him/her to lose weight. No go. She was living on the streets this large-perhaps she was ridding the city of rats and this is the outcome...Who knows. Anyway, she is a really sweet natured cat and I love her (I'm convinced it's a girl)

My brother and his girlfriend have been together a while and just got a place Hollywood, which is a good couple of miles from my house where my darling Johnny Cat (and now Sidney) lives. Due to the move I have to get a neighbor to help out with the cats and it is a chore for people to come in everyday and now my brother is further away, it's yet another worry on my plate.

Yes, I may sound like a crazy cat lady, but    Johnny is my pal, my buddy, my soul mate. When my Dad died and I couldn't leave my bed for weeks, Johnny stayed by my side every second. I miss him terribly and now worry not only about how lonely he is, but putting the burden on other people to help me out.

I'm telling you, beautiful readers, about this  because it's on my mind (and this blog has become my daily diary) as well as this being another example of additional worries carers have when they have to look after family members. 

Life doesn't stop when a person you love becomes ill. You wish it could; that everything would pause for a while so you can learn to breath again, but it doesn't. Especially if you have to move homes (or continents like moi!) you still have responsibilities, bills, jobs, relationships from your LBC (Life Before Cancer) 

My brother was asking me when he thinks I'll be back so he can figure out my apartment and Johnny. And like every question asked to me in my life today my answer is a resounding "I have no idea".

Johnny xxx

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