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Monday, 30 December 2013

NYE Every Day

Call me a little slow, but only today did I realize that 2014 is a mere day away.

2013 has been a year that has found me letting go of my stable, (well tipped) position managing a restaurant in Beverly Hills to concentrate on acting full time, landed some great roles, filmed several pilots, partied, loved and laughed a lot. 

Everything became very still and very silent when I heard the news that my Mum had brain cancer and I was to return home and care for her full time.

I am not dreading tomorrow night, or the constant reminders that we should be out having FUN, but the anticipation of it all. I really have never enjoyed NYE, I tried to, I really have,but there is so much build up and pressure to make it an amazing night and that the night shall foretell the year to come.

We shall be going over to my Aunt and Uncle's for New Year's Day for dinner and celebration but NYE will be myself and my Mum in her house and I want to go to bed early, not pretend either of us have plans or hopes or goals for next year. 
We will be happy that we have that day, that night together and tomorrow is a gift. 

No New Year's Eve celebration will compare to the happiness that right now I still have my Mum with me right now.

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