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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Radiotherapy,Stretching,Putting Glasses On Cats and A ReTweet From Jane Fallon

Good evening fine lads and lasses.

As I lay in bed I reflect on my day:
-Took Mum to her radiotherapy 

-Realized how unfit I am by trying to stretch out my 5'10" body that has been cramped into a single bed since moving back to UK

-Annoyed every cat that came to my Mum's house by squeezing them or trying to put glasses on them

-And tried to get Mum to rest.

Mum's tiredness comes and goes and as it is the first full week of treatment she may only get mild side effects. Her hair does look thinner on top, which is terribly sad to see, and I don't say anything.

Sometimes her short term memory is a lot better than the previous day; the steroids she takes daily are trying to relieve the pressure on her brain. But sometimes, like tonight, we were watching a true crime documentary (our fav subjects) and during the break I asked her a question about it, which she wasn't able to answer. 
Reminders like this about the severity of the situation pops up every now and then, but I try to let them go.

I will leave you, dear readers, on a lighter note; the ever so kind, talented author and HUGE animal lover Jane Fallon retweeted my tweet to her regarding this blog. It made me so very, very happy, THANK YOU JANE!
I tweeted her this photo of my darling Johnny who is being looked after by my brother in LA-I think it sealed the deal... X

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