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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Curries, Vegetarian Worries and Have You Ever Seen A Two Headed Lady?

Good day beautiful readers,

On the way to the hospital for Mum's radiotherapy session today and unofficial 'Neighbors of the Year' M&M are taking us. Well, actually just M today. 

They are the most wonderful couple, they will do anything for us and have helped us out so much. M is taking us to the hospital to give my aunt and uncle a break today. 

M is originally from Pakistan and M (wife) is from northern England. They married in the 1960's and the mixed race couple were subject to a lot of stares and tutts, but it was water off their backs to these two.  
M (husband), is a retired doctor and M was a nurse in the same hospital and have been married (and divorced) and married again for over 40 years.Such gentle, beautiful, funny, intelligent people. And to top it off they raised 3 outstanding children. One solicitor, one top executive and one son who sailed through medical school with honors, only to then decide he wanted to be a pilot and now works for BA. Amazing.

How is someone so intelligent they can go through medical school with ease and switch to being a pilot (with just as much ease) before he's 32? Like I said, pretty fucking amazing!
Yeah, I know this is Ramsey Street...

Anyway, before we got in the car, M handed us 2 curries he made for our dinner. This is the second time he's done this-one chicken, one lamb. Problem is, I'm a vegetarian and didn't have the heart to tell him, and Mum won't eat lamb...I just can't tell them-anyone want something for dinner?

I take full advantage whenever I'm with M to ask every medical question I can think of. Today was conjoined twins.
Not to sound too much like Karl Pilkington (legend) but I do have a fascination with medical oddities. I was asking him about a case in America where a girl has two heads on one body. He didn't seem as interested as me...

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