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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Back From Radiotherapy...

Just came back from Mum's 5th radiotherapy treatment. Staff were as amazing and friendly as usual, not any delays, straight into her treatment.

People reading this may not know that the actual radiation takes 5-10mins, so quick it's surprising. Being a 1/3 way through treatment we had to meet with one of the staff for review. He asked us questions about any pain etc. They whole time I couldn't concentrate as he was sniffing and wiping snot off his nose with his hand. Mate, you work in a hospital and you are talking to me; someone who will tell you to stop being gross and wash your hands. Luckily, it was quick and we got out of his office speedily where I ran to scrub my hands in case any germs came remotely near me, in that weird OCD way.

On a less gross note, Mum came out feeling strong and laughing about a story from my aunt regarding my grandfather's visit to the dr's when he was 80. 
It was back in Glasgow in the early 1980's and while waiting to get called in by the doctor,my grandfather asked my aunt if she had any change for the cigarette the the doctors. 
When called for his appointment the doctor checked him out and asked him several questions including, "how's your sex life?" My grandfather answer, "I'd tell you if I could remember the last time I had one". He was 80, good on ya doc.

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