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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Workmen Are Here...Headache Is Increasing

Possibly the nicest workman in the county is here to install a rail on the stairs to give Mum more safety getting up the stairs. Mum rolls her eyes and dislikes any reminder that she is ill so isn't overly enthusiastic about it, but if it helps, we need it.

The little things like these serve as reminders of the situation and what mum has lost already (easy mobility) and you kind of want to avoid these to keep the blinkers on; but realistically we need it,so here it is.

Once again, praise the NHS, all free to get this done and the workman turned up on time and couldn't be nicer. The drilling has bored a permanent ringing in my head so I'm going to make Mum use it as she heads upstairs to get ready (me following of course)

I'm in a brighter mood today, ready to get shit done and write as much as I can. Of course I have to do the laundry, dishes, dinners and get Mum ready for her radiation appointment. Oh, how I feel like a housewife from the 50's minus the husband... and excluding the radiation...

A month ago at this time on a Tuesday I'd be glued to my laptop in a house in the Hollywood Hills with a cappucino in my hand organizing my clients life; now I barely know where my life is, however I KNOW I am doing the right thing.

Trying to make Mum wearing a color co-ordinated outfit (my LA influence looms large) is harder than it Mama will not be going out looking less than perfect. I decided.

Here's a photo of a cat that thinks Mum's house is his. He has bits out of his ears from cat scraps, an uneven pattern on his face and eats everything in sight-but I love him...

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