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Friday, 13 December 2013

Morning Birdies...Feeling Mildly Blue-Must Stop!

Just woke up feeling a tad blue today, it may be the fact it is Friday 13th, complete exhaustion, a booming headache or the txt I got from my brother in LA saying my power bill is $200. 

He has been staying in my apartment and looking after my cat, my beautiful love of my life, Johnny Rotten (known as Johnny Cat to friends) and the power bill has been running up.

It could be any of these reasons, or the constant Christmas adverts which I usually love, but can see Mum is sad watching them as she doesn't feel she can do much this year. She will though. 

I'm going to set her up on so she can buy presents for my brother and his girlfriend and my Aunt and Uncle so she feels involved.
On Christmas Day which will be at my Aunt's house (after they cancelled their holiday this month to France and Germany) I will make sure she looks amazing.
Anyway, I just brought Mum breakfast in bed (so she can rest) along with her chocolate from our advent calendar on her toast. I'm classy like that... Elf Toast

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