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Friday, 20 December 2013

Someone Asked Me For A Light Outside A Cancer Unit Today

Yes, you read that right. 

Leaving Mum with Aunt and Uncle today, I went to another section of the hospital to grab a coffee and came back to a woman who shouted at me,
"Eh, love, do ya smoke? You gotta light?"
"Errm, sorry, no." I replied.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am an ex smoker myself and loved nothing more than having a drink and a smoke, and cannot stand people who condemn smokers as if they were shooting up in front of them. If you want to smoke, risk your health and pay nearly £6 a packet that's your choice; but seriously, outside a bloody cancer unit makes me sick.

As I walked back into the unit and saw the rows of people waiting for chemo and radiation and a particular man I see every day with a scar right across his skull-I couldn't help but think how many of these people are those cases you hear of  all the time. You know, the case of a person that has never smoked, rarely drank and by all accounts lead a healthy lifestyle only to end up with cancer; whereas the 40 a day smoker and boozer that lived well into their 80's.
Well, this is no urban myth. 
My uncle never smoked a cigarette in his life, home cooked meals every night extremely active hiker and was diagnosed 4years ago with kidney cancer and tumors on his lung. He's still fighting it today by injecting himself in the stomach and taking masses of tablets every day.

The woman who bellowed at me for a light today can do whatever she wants, but please show some respect and don't fucking smoke outside a cancer unit. Moron.

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