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Monday, 16 December 2013

Second Week of Radiotherapy, Ricky Gervais and Coachella

Hello lovely readers!

I'm writing to you next to a fire that cannot be hot enough as I continue to freeze my arse off in the UK. 9 years in Los Angeles certainly makes you forget the chill (or unbearable cold) of an English winter. Still, it's home.

Mum began her second week of radiotherapy today and she is wiped out from it. I'm glad she's sleeping and not trying to fight the tiredness.

As wonderful as the hospital is that my Mum is receiving treatment, I try to not be too aware of my surroundings when I'm there. The radiation warning signs, the machines, the glimpses into the dreaded little rooms that the consultants take you into to tell you whether treatment has worked or not. Ugh-I hate those rooms. The boxes of tissues on the doctor's desk always make my stomach knot. You know that no-one grabs those tissues to wipe away tears of joy.

Anyway, my darling friend from LA 'T' (who I've known for a few years and lives just around the corner from me in LA) just flew into London. Her father is English and has spent many years in London,so as you can imagine we have a lot in common. 
Plus-both T and I like nothing better than partying out arses off in LA, meeting new people wherever we go, going to as many gigs as possible and basically having as much fun as we are physically capable of. 
Here are some photos from our romp to Coachella this year:

Maybe I should label these photos LBC-"Life Before Cancer" hmmm???

T isn't only a 'party' friend, she is a good friend who has mopped my tears many times, been there during my highs as well as my lows and I love her. She is spending Christmas in London with her family and sent me a txt today saying:
"If you need or want company, I'll be on a train in an instant"

That's friendship.

On another note, you maybe remember my list of comedy genius' (that I WILL one day work with) from a previous entry, well, Gervais tops the list and yesterday he responded to one of my tweets. Yes guys, I made my hero laugh...see...

Now to get him to see my reel, headshot and treatment for my tv show...I'm getting there!

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