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Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Story Of A Saturday

I've just come back from an unexpected break in my ever continual "carer" routine.
My aunt came around and suggested we went to town for a drink. I couldn't have had my jacket, gloves and boots on faster if you'd told me I had an audition with Ricky Gervais...actually, I would have been faster but with no boots...

We sat and spoke of my aunt's research into the family and how she went up to the Scottish Highlands to track down the home of my great, great grandparents called 'Rose Cottage'. 
Quite a romantic story about this home that was surrounded by a raging sea which my aunt had been told stories about growing up. At 60 years of age she stood in front of the cottage where her great grandparents raised 9 children: no town in sight, one road, on top of a hill overlooking a temperamental sea. I told her next time I will be with her.
There is something about that isolation which is so appealing, just you, nature and your thoughts. Sounds pretty good.

I came back and Mum had a visit from neighbor and friend S, which she said went well. I'm sure it did, the problem is you can never be sure about accuracy with stories my mum tells, there is still a fog about her-but I'm hoping it will dissipate soon.

I'm attempting to get my arse off the sofa to cook a decent meal tonight; as it a Saturday night and the tv consists of D-list celebrities either jumping into a swimming pool or being locked up in a house begging to regain a career-I'm sure they'll be another post or three later....


  1. You know, even if I think I'm having a bit of a rubbish day, I can read your blog and in an instant, it is all put into relief and perspective. You're going through far, far tougher days at the moment than I am but as a watcher from afar, you often wouldn't know it. You just get on with it and when you do complain, and my God, you've every right to, you do it in way that always makes me understand and often makes me smile.

    You've got more talent than all these "celebrities" put together but more importantly, you've got more heart. Keep fighting the good fight and with any luck, next time these plonkers jump into swimming pools, they'll be sharks waiting for them. Or alligators. Armed with Killer Whales.

    1. You are awesome Steve, thank you so much for your support.
      Words like yours make all the difference. Xxxx


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