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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Good Day, Bad Night (Part Two Bad Night)

Onto the night...
I got home to my aunt and mum having tea and all seemed good. I had a delivery from Amazon waiting for me. I was so happy to receive a surprise parcel (I LOVE getting mail) and it was from my amazing clients back in LA.

It included this book called "Devoted" about amazing dogs and how they have helped to heal and care for their owners. It was so kind of them. I love them.

My aunt went, the evening carried on as normal until my mum needed to go to the bathroom. She has been so,so weak recently and getting off the sofa is a huge deal. I got her up and as I was walking her to the toilet, she seemed to glaze over and suddenly her legs gave way and  she just fell to the floor. I was holding her under the arms so she didn't hurt herself and just fell on her bottom-but Jesus, it was scary. 
I immediately asked her if she was ok and what happened and she said she just "passed out". 
The problem now was how to get her up. I called my aunt-my mum was telling me not to, but I told her I had to. My aunt suggested I get M&M (amazing next door neighbors) to come in and help, but instead I left mum to rush across to get mum's good friend S to help me get her up. S has been an amazing neighbor and friend during this time and came straight over.
It was horrible to walk in and just see mum sat on the floor utterly helpless. I could tell S was shocked but she hid it well. After about 15 minutes we managed to get mum up. 
Sue stayed and is great at making light of any situation, but as soon as she put her hand on mine to comfort me I felt the familiar burning hot tears stinging my eyes, and picked up a mug and took it into the kitchen to compose myself.

I ended up having to set up the sofa bed downstairs as there was no way mum would be able to get up stairs.  
As I left her downstairs, I went upstairs, my neck ached, my back ached and I was scared and exhausted. I then had to go through my US bills and try to pay them.

Like I said, good day, BAD night...

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