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Friday, 21 March 2014

Fuck Cancer Friday

Morning Birdies!

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Well, coming back and forth to the UK is certainly not helping me to get use to this cold, it's as though my body is constantly stuck in LA temperatures; but dealing with the cold really is the least of my problems!

I thought, today,  I'd give you an insight into my daily routine with my mum and it will show the difference only 6 weeks have made since I returned to the US last.

8am-Wake up. Go downstairs to wake mum up, open the blinds, show her the world outside, see if I can get a "good morning darling" out of her. See how she slept. Make sure her arms are above the duvet-which, with my mum's condition, patients can forget about their arms if they are not in sight.

I always make us both a cup or tea of coffee and turn on the tv so we can watch the news. My mum can no longer feed herself, so I wait until the tea is cool enough to give to her and at the same time discuss what's on the news.

9am (ish)-Carers usually come around this time to give her breakfast and change and wash her. This is my time to have a shower and get ready myself.

9.30am (ish) From now until lunch time which is usually around 12.30pm I do mum's hair, brush her teeth, clean and moisturize her hands and feet. I give her a mid morning coffee and treat and the rest of the time is spent doing laundry, dishes, cleaning and most importantly being with mum and talking to her, keeping her as entertained as much as possible!

12:30 (ish) Lunch, I make mine and when the carers have gone we usually watch a Come Dine With Me re-run-mum and I LOVE that show. I comment on the contestants and mum laughs. I will go out to get shopping and figure out mum's lunches and dinners for the next few days-and I like to get a treat for mum every day.

3pm Aunt H, comes over for a cup of tea and to see mum and catch up. We usually tell funny family stories and Aunt H, tells us her news and checks up on mum. From this time until the carers come for dinner we may have M pop in from next door.

4.30-5pm (ish) Carers come to change mum, make her comfortable, give her dinner. When they leave I make my dinner and mum and I always watch Come Dine With Me and Dinner Date-I love these shows-great fodder for commentary and mum laughs at it all.

From now until the carers come for bed, I might read to mum, we watch tv and I just try to talk to mum as much as possible and interact with her and it's all about getting her to react and engage.

Mum's bed is in the living room facing the tv, so obviously mum watches a lot of tv, but when people come in I always turn it off otherwise she won't engage and certainly won't be able to concentrate. Also, I like to read to mum to give her a change of pace and something new. 
For me it's all about making the day as different and as entertaining as possible.

I like having the evening with mum, it's just us, usually no visitors and we watch the soaps and I pull up a chair next to her bed, hold her hand and talk about the rubbish we watch on tv.

8.30-9pm Carers come to get mum ready for bed. Sometimes they come early, so I get in my pjs too and sit with mum until she falls asleep.

**And don't forget, I have left out the constant care of mum's needy but wonderful kitties as well as all the others in the neighborhood who love to come and visit.

10pm-Sleep and repeat...told you I had a glam life... ; )

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