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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A Weekend On A Wave

This weekend has been an emotional rollrcoaster in a tumble dryer on the Northern Sea in winter.

On Friday, due to much encouragement from all around, I set off down to London to see my most dearest friends on this earth and to get a break and a bit of a breather. The guilt of leaving was of course pretty intense, but I really felt like I was losing the plot.  
Two nights before I left mum had two seizures in a row, vomiting all over herself, eyes rolling back in her head. It was awful. We had the doctor out in the middle of the night to check her over. The carers had to cut her t-shirt off due to all vomit on her and not wanting to move her head too much. The doctor said the seizures may have been brought on by the fact she hasn't been to the toilet in a couple of weeks and the body is just expelling. 
It was a long couple of nights, as I was now terrified she would choke on vomit and I wouldn't hear her. 

I got on the train with a heavy heart and almost immediately got a call from one of mum's carers (one of my favorite-J) saying they couldn't get medicine down her. My aunt was already heading down and M & M from next door were in to sit with mum the second the carers or my aunt left.

I had an amazing time in London, I met with my friends who are my absolute rocks. I've known M since I was 5 and K and S are school friends too. It was so refreshing to be around people my own age, people that have known me for so long and people that know my mum.

They care about me so much, it shocked me. I am lucky enough to have friends that are so genuine, pure hearted and down to earth. I am caught up in a world in Los Angeles that is consumed with who you know, what you do, how much you earn and how you look. My friends are ridiculously beautiful, and not once did they start conversations about money, how much they weigh, or name dropping. Genuine love and friendship.

I wanted to be a tourist in London again so my friends luckily indulged me. I was brought up and went to school near London, when I moved to the US, my mum moved to northern England, so being back down south is home for me. As you can see, we really acted like tourists... can't go to London and not get a selfie with Big Ben.

We laughed and laughed...and cried-we each did a bit of that; on the tube, in a restaurant, outside The National Gallery-but it didn't matter. These are friends that will follow me to the gates of hell and back and I am so very lucky.

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